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Special Formats


    • Artichoke Caponata Geraci

      7,70per unit From € 7,70/unit

      Artichoke caponata prepared with Geraci extra virgin olive oil and artichokes.

      The recipe is a variation of the original eggplant caponata, which includes fresh artichokes and crispy celery, capers and tomato.

      Gerarci extra virgin olive oil is made from Nocellara del Belìce monocultivar olives, harvested by hand and processed by cold extraction.

      Ideal with meat, fish and as a topping for bruschetta.

    • Basil Erbolio Geraci

      7,80per unit From € 7,80/unit
    • Basil Erbolio Geraci – 0.10 L Tin Can

      4,65per unit From € 4,65/unit
    • Basil Sauce Geraci

      6,50per unit From € 6,50/unit

      Classic basil sauce for the preparation of pasta dishes, seasoned with Geraci extra virgin olive oil produced from olives of the Nocellara del Belìce variety.

      The flavor is fresh, spicy, with a sweet note of freshly made tomato.

      In addition to the preparation of pasta alla norma, it can be used for savory pizzas and flatbreads.

    • Black olive pate Geraci

      8,70per unit From € 8,70/unit

      Spreadable pate of ground black olives, prepared with extra virgin olive oil of the Nocellara del Belìce variety.

      The aroma of ripe olives, consistent on the palate, leaves a fresh and flavorful taste.

      Great for topping bruschetta, as an accompaniment to tuna, aged cheese to give more intensity to the flavor, or spreadable cheese for an extra delicate touch to the taste.

      After opening, add extra virgin olive oil and refrigerate tightly closed.

    • Chilli Erbolio Geraci

      7,80per unit From € 7,80/unit
    • Chilli Erbolio Geraci – 0.10 L Tin Can

      4,65per unit From € 4,65/unit
    • Chilli Erbolio Geraci – Can

      8,10per unit From € 8,10/unit
    • Crushed Green Olives – Nocellara del Belìce – Geraci

      4,50per unit From € 4,50/unit

      Jar packaging of crushed green olives of the Nocellara del Belìce variety, a native variety of the Belìce Valley area (Trapani).

      Preserved in brine with water and sea salt, they are distinguished by a savory flavor with a slightly bitter aftertaste of fresh, aromatic fruitiness.

      Production is artisanal, starting with freshly picked and still fresh olives, steam pasteurized before packaging.

      Suitable for accompanying cocktails and aperitifs, cheeses, Mediterranean salads, or as a side dish for meat and fish. They are also excellent for cooking preparation of legumes and fish-based sauces.

    • Dried Tomato Pate Geraci

      7,50per unit From € 7,50/unit

      Spreadable pate of dried tomatoes, preserved in Geraci extra virgin olive oil prepared from olives of the Nocellara del Belìce variety.

      The tomatoes are harvested and sun-dried, with no preservatives or additives added.

      The flavor is intense, with good texture on the palate.

      Ideal for spreading on toasted bread bruschetta or as an accompaniment to meat or fish. It goes well with aged cheeses for an extra intense flavor or mild cheeses for a delicate taste.

    • Eggplant Caponata Geraci

      7,60per unit From € 7,60/unit

      Eggplant caponata ready to dress pasta dishes, bruschetta and rice balls.

      The recipe follows Sicilian tradition, with peeled tomatoes, eggplant, onion, olives and celery, all dressed with Geraci extra virgin olive oil from Nocellara monocultivar.

      The flavor is rich and dense, with a sweet and sour note provided by the capers.

    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – D.O.P Valle del Belìce – Geraci

      5,8015,80per unit From € 5,80/unit

      Extra virgin oil obtained from the Nocellara del Belìce olive variety, a monocultivar grown in the Belìce Valley area (Trapani).

      The olives are hand-picked, followed by cold extraction and storage under nitrogen in steel silos at a constant temperature of 15-18°C.

      Medium fruity of green olive, the flavor is medium spicy and slightly bitter, with hints of artichoke, leaf, grass and tomato.

      Raw, it accompanies soups, cheeses, legumes, meat, fish and salads. In cooking, it can be used on roasts or in the preparation of sauces, fish baked in foil, and pinzimonio.

      Certified oil with protected designation of origin (P.D.O.).

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