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Early October: olive harvest time.

In the fields before others to pick the olives early, when the drupes-bright green in color and fleshy flesh-retain all their organoleptic qualities and polyphenol values intact.
Harvesting Harvesting Harvesting
Nocellara del Belìce Geraci Olive
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Large size, firm flesh, crisp and slightly bitter.
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Typical fine variety indigenous to Western Sicily with a history dating back thousands of years.
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Easily digested and rich in polyphenols, it promotes the absorption of vitamins A, D and K.

del Belìce

Manual and
early harvesting,
so we aim
for the best
possible flavor

Quality trumps quantity. Early harvesting in early October gives very green olives. From their pressing we obtain oil with reduced levels of acidity and peroxides, in favor of a high percentage of polyphenols. It is exclusively manual harvesting, carried out with fixed combs or air harvesters.
The harvested olives are transported immediately to the mill, and in a few hours the pressing process begins.


Off with the dust, leaves and twigs: the olives get nice for the meeting with the olive press.

Freshly harvested olives undergo a meticulous washing process inside the olive washing machine. A jet of air first and then water rids the drupes of any remaining impurities. This is followed by drying by draining, using a vibrating sieve. There is no lack of vigilant control by the olive-pressing workers, who assist the mechanical work by ensuring maximum attention at every step.


Rotary hammers crush olives within an adjustable perforated grid, which determines the density of the olive paste and minimizes its contact with oxygen.


The olive paste is stirred and the low temperature preserves the maximum amount of polyphenols and fragrances in the oil. This step in the process promotes coalescence, or the aggregation of all the oil droplets, preparing the paste for extraction.

Extraxtion Extraxtion Extraxtion

The olive paste is processed by a two-stage centrifugation process, called “cold extraction,” without adding water in the decanter, the most effective technique for preserving taste, fragrance, polyphenols and nutritional values of the highest quality oil. Environmentally friendly because it does not waste potable water or generate wastewater. Centrifugation is followed by separation of the last particles of vegetative water and natural decanting.


We store the oil in 18/10 stainless steel silos and in the absence of oxygen. We monitor a constant temperature of between 15 and 18° all year round, with added food-grade nitrogen that preserves the oil from natural organoleptic deterioration such as oxidation. Even months after pressing, we preserve that characteristic flavor of new oil.


After several stages of decanting or filtering, if required, we bottle the oil under nitrogen in dark glass bottles, handcrafted ceramic bottles, practical metal cans, or in very elegant bag-in- tubes.

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