PDO Olive oil , preserves and already sauces

The Opera Valle del Belìce PDO extra virgin olive oil is by its nature a perfect fruity oil, with a hint of green grass, almond, artichoke and tomato, with a slight spicy, bitter, extremely delicate taste, which enriches food with Mediterranean flavours and fragrances, but without covering the flavour of the dish too much.

Even the packaging is the result of a careful research, with a silver foil and a Braille effect, with an innovative scroll that informs in an idiomatic way about the characteristics and directions for use. OPERA is also our product line devoted to foreign markets as an alternative to Geraci line.

“The Opera line” includes Opera Valle del Belìce PDO extra virgin olive oil, Opera 100% Nocellara del Belìce extra virgin olive oil, our sauces and all our preserves.

PDO Valle del Belice. Cold extracted mono varietal from Sicilian olives Nocellara.

Italian Ingredients and slow cooking according to tradition.

100% Typical Sicilian recipes with local products.