Olive oil

Nocellara del Belìce


Quality begins in the field, in the tree, with the hand-made “in advance” picking of olives in order to have only green and unblemished fruits, which give less oil, but of high quality and with great richness in polyphenols and low levels of acidity and peroxides. The crushing of olives is immediate, in frantoio Geraci, by cutting-edge technology with extraction in a “cold continuous cycle” and oil is kept in stainless steel vats place under nitrogen during “the natural settling”.
Finally, the oil is bottled in dark glass bottles, still full of intense scents of freshly cut grass, tomato, artichoke, almond and slightly spicy.

Geraci PDO Valle del Belìce


For the PDO extra virgin olive oil we use the olives from Contrada Donzelle in Partanna, after testing them for the Ministerial Certification which certifies the origin and the accordance with the strict approval parameters.

Geraci organic olive oil


Without any trace of pesticides and residual chemical is a small treasure of delicacy and healthiness, guaranteed by the Geraci family and by the ICEA Certification. We are converting into organic all our production, and this year we are proposing our first GERACI BIO, which we offer in a special half a liter bottle. Our goal is to convert soon all the production to Organic.

Citrus oil: orange, lemon, mandarin


After two years of experimentation we are ready to offer the Agrumoli our Citrus oil, produced by adding to the crushing citrus fruits of Sicily, from the area of Partanna, picked at the time of their maximum fragrance. A “natural” technique, free of chemical additives, which allows the release of “the oily essence of fruit peel” at the crucial moment of extraction: a delicate citrus flavour that surprises and fascinates.

Ceramic Geraci, the Sicilian handicraft


Ceramic Geraci combines two Sicilian traditions: olive oil and ceramic ones. Icon of Sicily, this Mediterranean-style ceramic guarding the taste and the scents of our extra virgin olive oil. Each ceramics is entirely hand made, it is a unique piece, with decorations always different from each other.