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Orange Agrumolio Geraci – 0,10L Tin Can

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Orange relish obtained from the simultaneous pressing of olives of the Nocellara del Belìce variety with fresh Sicilian oranges.

Agrumolio is produced from Nocellara del Belìce olives blended with freshly picked Sicilian citrus fruits and started together with “cold” pressing and extraction to best preserve the flavor and fragrance.

The resulting oil is left to rest four months for “aging” in steel silos and under nitrogen before bottling.

The flavor is medium spicy, with a fresh hint of orange, excellent for seasoning fish, crudités, sliced meats and Mediterranean salads.

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Organoleptic notes

Medium fruitiness of green olive with fresh hints of orange, grass, artichoke, tomato. Remarkable fragrance and freshness. Medium pungency intensity.

Usage tips

Depending on the type chosen, Agrumoli lend themselves to enhancing dishes with fresh citrus scents and aromas. Excellent for dressing fish, crudités, sliced meats and Mediterranean salads.

Production area

Belìce Valley - Sicily


30-300 m a.s.l


Nocellara del Belìce

Harvesting system

By hand

Production System

Contextual pressing of freshly harvested Sicilian olives and citrus fruits

Extraction system


Natural decanting

Steel silos "Under Nitrogen" for about 4 months before bottling


Slightly veiled. Green color with orange or yellow hue depending on the type of citrus fruit


Cool and dark


0.10 L tin can

More formats

0.25 L dark bottle
0,10 L ceramic
0.25 L can


24 x 0,10 L Tin Cans

Box weight

3,1 kg


Europallet 80x120 - 23x8 rows = 184 boxes

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