Nocellara del Belice

Sicily – Italy

Production area: Sicily—Italy
Olive Cultivar: Nocellara del Belìce
Ingredients: Green olives, water and sea salt
Acidity regulator: citric acid
Antioxidant: L-absorbic acid
Pasteurization system: Steam pasteurization
Production: Craft products made from fresh raw material
PH: 7,48
Product description: the olive colour is dark green. Fresh green olives flavour, rich and well structured, almost full. Very tasty with a slightly bitter aftertaste. Very aromatic.

Available pack size:
Glass jar 200 g, Bucket 5 and 12 kg

Serving suggestion:
Befor the consumption wash with drinking water for 10 minutes (to decrease the brine salinity)
Raw use: Perfect during an aperitif or for cocktails and with mediterranean salads; ideal also as meat, fish and cheese condiment.
Cooking use: Ideal for every meat, fish or legumes preparation (such as Geraci caponate) and for fish sauces.