PDO Extra virgin olive oil

The increasing attention of consumers to local products, guaranteed by a protected origin, by the Organic or the Vegan ok Certification, has generated a strong demand for quality even in large supermarket chains.

The international success of our products, together with the large number of awards and recognition achieved in major world competitions, have strengthened the reliability of our company in the market.

Both the “Black Label“ Armonico P.D.O oil and the “Green Label“ ORGANIC oil have the VEGAN OK Certification and they are our quality brands dedicated to Largest Supermarket and Grocery Store Retail  chains, the “Black Label Armonico line in preserves” provides a varied outline of our creations most successful Vegan Ok  certified sauces and preserves.


Armonico TriCultivar extra virgin olive oil

The Belice Valley is an extraordinary land, a beautiful scenery which extends from the high valley with olive trees placed at 350 meters above sea level, up to the sea of Sicily, where olives are heated by the breath of the sirocco wind. A unique unrepeatable place, from which the Geraci brothers have been able to draw the international nature of their production, enhancing the varietal characteristics of the different cultivars in the area.

The Armonico olive oil originates from a clever combination of three extraordinary Cultivars: the Nocellara del Belice, the “Queen” of the Valley, with a rich, full-bodied taste, the Cerasuola, with a spicy and aromatic taste, and the Biancolilla, with a herbaceous but delicate aroma. The three cultivars are picked in the later part of November, in order to obtain a more delicate flavour, but they are pressed together, in order to draw the best alchemy of taste and to lead to one destiny: enchanting with sweetness.

100% Handpicked Sicilian Olives.

Extra-virgin olive oil cold extracted.

Armonico is PDO, Organic, Vegan. Both Nocellara mono-varietal and Sicilian Tricultivar.

Nocellara del Belice, the prestigious table olive cultivated in Sicily for over 2700 years.

100% Italian Products. Sicilian tradition recipes. Preserved in extra virgin olive oil Armonico.